About Us

El Shrouk company has developed the conception of electronic markets, as since the company had been established in 1991, to be the first company that enters the long term installment and for a durations that reach 36 months on Computer devices which was at that time except either on cash basis or with some facilities that doesn’t exceed three months that is why El Shrouk had been pioneering this market concerning the credit basis Without any Down Payment and up to 36 months and also without any banking procedures.

And by the time the Mobile Phones appeared and as it existed in Egypt for the first time, el shrouk had also been pioneering as it was the first company in Egypt to lead the markets concerning the above mentioned facilities which was set o the computer devices, had also been implicated on the cellular devices.

And as our client base has grown up so obviously “T.G.” and their frequent request for the electronic devices, the company did not hesitate to reply to these requests by providing the Air Conditions devices and the LCD screens and other electronic devices that have different usages and which is attached here., so we became “T.G.” the biggest company that leads that field.

And though the mutual trust with our clients so we are providing some facilities we can here by mention some of them and not counting all them:

1. Only the new clients are being informed on, and without any extra charges on the behalf of the client

2. No down payment is being paid until the client receives the device and complete satisfaction is assured.

3. The installment is up to 36 month and without any banking procedures

4. In case the client ask that our employee moves to his work address or hoe address to finish the deal, or the contracting steps, the company never hesitates to reply to the clients

5. And now through this site the client can request for purchasing and the company will take all the procedures until the device is been delivered to the client in 48 hours and the client is in his place without leaving his place.

6. Working Days from Sunday to Thursday (10.00 AM - 8.00 PM)